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When you have a healing session with Arthur, you are receiving forty years of energy work experience synthesized with decades of Reiki mastery, Chinese Energetic Medicine training, cranial sacral training, traditional psychotherapy training and the uniqueness of the Goodridge Vibration Therapy. It is hard to describe what happens in these sessions and often one session is quite different from the last. You'll find that blocks and knots are loosened and released, energy and emotions are freed up, and physical, emotional and spiritual integration begins to manifest. One starts to feel an internal moving together

  • Private Energywork Sessions
  • Reiki
  • Cranio-Sacral
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Goodridge Vibration Therapy
Arthur has an uncanny ability
to intuit the source of a your pain and distress, and to heal or lead you to the work 
that you must do to heal. 


I have studied healing with Arthur, practiced his methods on numerous people, and also treated him. All in all, his style is inexplicable. I try sometimes to say a few words about the techniques when people press me. But it always ends up sounding trivial. As a healer and a scentist, I think the best I can say is that his approach is one of humility towards the great mysteries of life and illness, along with a deep understanding of how vital energy works. These two together at times produce a result that all healers hope for.
--Michael Clarage, Ph.D. 
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